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Monday, December 04, 2006

Sielaff in AUSTRIA - error & receipts

This 25th Aug. AUSTRIA POST issued new ATM in Sielaff machine since 2001 by FRAMA. This issue is flowers(two pictures in one strip), tulip and liverleaf. First issue of this image is for GMUNDEN 2006(25th Aug.), then BAD REICHENHALL(6th Oct.) and PHILATELIE.SHOP(16th Oct.). The image of label are very beautiful, and have one white pattern on image for printings.
-----------There is one postage paid label on above letter, the label was fold.
On the back of ATM, there pre-imprinted number of label, very 5 label have one number printed, see last image.
Because the same machine from Germany, the receipt(from PHILATELIE.SHOP) is close to German receipt almost, see below scan. Left one is Austrian, right is German.

Perhaps the BAD cobbon made the BAD receipt, there are so big area black on the receipt, see first image.

Below label missed one black dot at least on left and right.

Since 24th Nov. there will change new paper of label, look and see new features..


Thanks Wolfgang


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