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Hello, all collectors from world wide. Welcome to my mini-world of ATMs. Inside this site, you can find some ATM used covers and ATM stamps that I collected, even some articles I studied. Surely not all the articles are correct, that I hope you feedback your rich knowledge to correct my words. Belive this field will benefit all explorers, and attract more friend into ATM world.
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Friday, January 30, 2009

Macau ATM machine

Macau ATM letter with Klussendorf machine photo, there affix 3 different ATM stamps: Energy Saving(k), Lotus Bridge(k), World Heritage(N).

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Surprised! Iceland Frama

Two weeks ago, one of my friend visited REYKJAVIK, the capital of Iceland. He found one ATM machine - Frama there.
He got several ATMs to affix on letter to send on Jan 13th. The number of machine is 04.
I had never ever thought the Frama still working on Iceland. I thought only the Frama of Switzerland are running, surprised.
Thanks Wolfgang.

Czech ZEMEK castle

The ATM is ZEMEK castle, letter from Prague, Czech Rep. There is no receipt from the machine there.
The post card is Charles castle.
Thanks Wolfgang.


USPS APC leaflet.

Flyer shows APC location in NY post offices.

ATM set of APC from NY.
Thanks Pierre.

France - Paris 2008 Test Blank

France Paris 2008 LISA two label (P *0.85 x 2) cover.
Test labels from LISA 2 (paper plane), and LISA(PARIS 2008), Blank ATM(Paris 2008)
Thanks Pierre

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Friend's Collection - Vintage Cards

Here some vintage post cards from friend, share with collectors.

Famous St. Paul Ruins from early 1930's, believe one must visit there if staying Macau.

Barrier Gate of Macau from early 1950's.

A Ma temple of Macau from 1890, now it is still on open for visitors.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Macau World Heritage - Pin Broken

Macau World Heritage ATM, there is one pin broken thus missing one horizontal line on the printing. Soon after the defect happened, the post office fix the problem.
Thanks Jose!

Macau World Heritage - Variety

Macau World Heritage ATM from Nager, the number '2' is the different on the left two labels.
The right 2 labels, the asterisk twisted.

France 6 - Color Look-up

France ATM Nr. 6(75508), above one is Purple Red, down is Rose Red.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Netherland TNT102

Netherland ATM machine aCon, number TNT000102. It is not easy to get the circle cancel, most time was canceled by machine.
Receipt of ATM, left text is translations of Dutch. On the bottom of receipt words 'Registration Period 8355', 8 means 2008, 355 means the 355th day of the year, so the date is Dec. 20th 2008.
Thanks Hens!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Taiwan Pigeon - Blue Print

For celebrating the 10 annv. of Tainan Philately Service, the fair was established on Dec. 27th 2008 at Tainan post office. The timetable is from 9:00 am to 16:00 pm.
There are two machine to supply ATM, number 096 installing black bear label with black ribbon, 088 installing pigeon label with blue ribbon.
Thanks Luo.

Taiwan Pigeon - Green Print

Zhongli post office establised Philately Exhibition of Year Crossing at SOGO shopping mall from Dec. 26th 2008 to Jan. 7th 2009. During the days, it setup a ATM machine number 083 with green ribbon. All the labes are Pigeon topic.
FDC of the green print on pigeon ATM.

R-FDC, all the 4 labels just be basis for air mail to 9$(China/HongKong/Macau), 13$(Australia, Asia), 15$(US, Canada), 17$(Europe, Africa, South America). And the sum of them are 54$, is right for register letter(air) to China.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

France ATM 7 letter - zero

France ATM number 7 sending to Germany, affix normal value 210 and ZERO value. The number of machine is S0145234.

Bund ATM letter

Bought some covers from eBay, above cover is from the seller. Affixing 4 ATMs, Tagetes, Germany TV 50th annv., SPD leader Erich Ollenhauer.

Monday, January 05, 2009

BUND ATM Letter - defect line

The German ATM 'mail box', there is a horizontal line missing, marked by red index arrow. Not sure if it was cause by pin-broken, or pin-matrix defect, or something others.
Thanks Guenther!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

HongKong Receipt White paper

Duraring the out of stock of receipt paper, HongKong post office(TST) used the white paper.

Faroya Post 2009

Faroe Island issued ATM this year, there are four labels, interesting image. The minimum value is 0.50 DKK from post offices. There are 4 post offices with ATM machine installed, all have the same output. The machine number is 01001, 01002, 01003, 01004.
Receipt of ATM.
Cover sent on 15th Dec. 2009.
Thanks Mogens!

Friday, January 02, 2009

Bund No. 1 and Now

BUND ATM NO.1 with receipt by Klussendorf.
Germany ATM Bonn Post Tower and Berlin Brandenbourger Tor. I think it will be better looking if value shift little up.
Thanks Clemens!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Singapore Lion - 0003

Singapore Lion ATM Register letter, from machine number 0003. Cancelled on 6th July 1989. The left one(value 10 cents) have a little defect that the value printing close to bottom of label.