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Hello, all collectors from world wide. Welcome to my mini-world of ATMs. Inside this site, you can find some ATM used covers and ATM stamps that I collected, even some articles I studied. Surely not all the articles are correct, that I hope you feedback your rich knowledge to correct my words. Belive this field will benefit all explorers, and attract more friend into ATM world.
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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Taiwan Green CKS

For celebrating the ATM exhibition on Zhanghua post office, the local post used green ribbon on the Rocupex'06 ATM on 18th Nov. 2006. The machine number is 069. The live field printing period is from 8:00 t0 12:00 am only. The customer could buy 10 pieces everytime, after that he had to fell in line again if he want to buy more. And the machine would be operated by administrator only, customers give the coins to administrator.
From 1st to 10th Nov. 2006, the post office accept the order by lot, every lot include value 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 12, 13, 15, 17, 25, 32, 45, and 99$. The price is 310$, and offer 400 lots only. Every customer can order 7 lots max by money transfer. Acctually on the first day(1st Nov.), all the 400 lots were sold out.
On the issue day(18th Nov.), the post office also sell the lot on the field, total 300 lots to offer, every one can buy 7 lots max. Many collectors start off waiting on line to buy the left 300 lots, the first one arrived the field and stay in line at 5 pm 17th Nov., till next morning 5 am 18th Nov., there are more than 50 peoples staying in line. How is the hot collecting - ATM.
That assumption this issue will be 12000 pieces total. And this is the last time to issue CKS image ATM, good bye CKS. Next issue will FISH.


For Belgica'06 stamp exhibition hold on Belgium, the POST issued special ATM on 16th Nov. 2006, red print.
Thanks Loris

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

MACAU - Re-print the ATM

Since 1th Dec. 2006, Macau Post will issue new ATM on Nagler and Klussendorf. Initial It would be installed on GPO only. The legend of new ATM is called 'Energy Saving', same to current issue(issued on 5th June 2002). The only difference is the text on bottom right. The new issue will imprtint 'REIMP 2006'.

Whatever, it is the same story to 'Lotus Bridge' ATM.

SUISSE - Position mark error on flag ATM

While Helvetia issue new ATM(flag) on 6th Sep. 2005, there makes some error on paper pattern. It is position mark(silver) should be imprinted on the left side only, but some of them were imprinted on right side too, see red arrow on above image.
The initial imprint quality is not fine, some of them were shorter mark. Maybe after runs several months, all the position marks will be ok.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Logo history of France

The postal logo on France ATM changed several times since its first appearance on 'Dove' ATM on 25th Feb. 1985. The logo is simple dove marks, no any sepcial words. When it released 'comet' ATM on 7th July 1988, the logo was changed to complete type 'LA POSTE +dove'. This logo type runed many years till issue 'Salon Philatélique Nancy 2001' on 23th March 2001. It add a rectange pane to surround the 'old' logo.
From this year(2006), the first issue 'DIJON 2006', the logo became more art, there is one circle shap surround the 'dove mark'. And the next 5th issue of this year, 'NEVERS 2006', there is yellow background inside the circle, more vivid I think.
But for the definitive ATM 'paper airplanes' issued on 3th July 2000, only print letters 'LA POSTE' on the paper, today is still circulated.
For this article, I checked my ablums detailed. Then I found one interesting variable on 'comet' ATM paper, see below. There is blue big DOT(white edge) located on the right of logo, and even cover part of it. I got this from eBay several (months or years) ago, and don't know/remember the description of vendor. Let me know the story if you know please.

This ATM was from C001.75500

Monday, November 20, 2006


Front Cover
This journal was named 'AUTOMATION PHILATELY RESEARCH', published by China AUTOMATION PHILIATE SOCIETY on Dec. 2003. It is the first professional journal about the automation philately collection and study in China. And because it is not a public magazine, only release internal inside society for reference, the printing volume are 500 units.
This edition focus on China ATMs

Rear Cover


All the articles were lied to 3 areas: China ATM research; China ATM stories; Investing China ATM.

The research documents involves ATM history, current w/w state, machines, paper editions, color, print method, paper pattern, cut, bill, materials, and discussion of machine setup and close....

The interesting stories include the experience of collectors buy ATM, use it at different cities, enve challenge by cop. How do they touch the ATMs.

The other articles discuss the value of China ATM, the volume....

There are rich information on appendix, include

Milestone of China ATM: from 30th Dec. 1999 to 3th Aug. 2003

China ATM Album

Official documents about ATM machine procurement application, trial run, usage control.


There are some rare photoes of ATM on the end of pages. Here are FDC, high face vlaue cover, postage due cover, blue ATM cover...

Saturday, November 18, 2006

ATM - auto teller machine

On 5th May 1995, Taiwan issed its first 'ATM' stamps. The machine is auto teller machine, and every sheet have 18 pcs of stamps, dimension of sheet is same to 1000$NT cash.
The topic of self-adhesive stamps were 'Peony Painting of National Palace Museum', and have two motif. Face value of every stamp is 5 $NT.

France - Postage rates updated

Since 2nd Oct. 2006, the postage rates were changed by LA POSTE. And at the same time, the characters were changed also.
1 For priority letter: 'P ***0,90 EUR' -- > '***0,85 EUR
PRIORITAIRE' (two rows)
2 For normal letter: ' LETTRE ***0,82 EUR' -- > '***0,86 EUR

LETTRE' (two rows)
3 Removed letter 'E' for economy letter.

4 The printed stuff was moved to left more than 5mm.

Above value is not base on the same weight. The printed format was for LISA 2 machine only. Base on below image, there adjust value only for LISA. Maybe the machine was too old, not easy to update complext programme.

Thanks Pierre

CHINA - postage rate update

Since 15th Nov. 2006, the inland basic postage rates was changed by China Post.
POSTCARD: 0.60 -- > 0.80
Letter: 0.80(<20g)> 1.20 ; 0.80 -- > 1.20 (every 20g, while <100g).>100g it is keep the old rate, the rates are 2.00 per 100g still.
For register letter, printed matters, international letter did not change.

Interesting matrix - EPELSA LF

Yesterday I got one used Andorra ATM, there print dot matrix on the mid of image(mark red cycle), between number and value. This is my second time to find this interesting matter. Two years ago I got one same dot matrix from Spanish ATM. Both the ATMs are from ELPESA LF.
Usually the position of 'dot matrix' should be imprinted post office name or blank. I don't know why happen this?

Thanks Wolfgang

Friday, November 17, 2006

Poland - GO GO GO

In the before, there are more than 100 units of ATM machine, named BANPOL in all Poland. But today, some of them could not work any more. Since 1998, the format of date was changed from year/month/day to daymonthyear.
There are two colors(red, pink), and two edition of papers(height: 36mm, 37mm)
One friend go back to Poland for a short vacation. Good luck of mine she take some photoes of the machine for me. How to get the postage labels, see belows.

Place your stuff on the scale, first select type of stuff(from left to right of first row: postcard, letter, printed matters, parcel), then move to second row from left to right is Inland Economy, Inland Priority, Other Countries Economy, Other Countries Priority, the third row is area of other coutries. From left to right is EUROPE, AMERICA and AFRICA, SOUTH AMERICA and ASIA, AUSTRALIA and OCEAN. Finally you would select the quantities by press + or -, press the GREEN button to confirm this deal, or you press RED button to cancel this deal. Before press GREEN button, you must inserted enough coins into the machine.

Some post office did not cancel the postage label on the cover, and some post offices even think the labels were used on the printing date and original post office only. Surely some offices can accept the label what ever its date or origianl place.

Thanks Irena

Praha ATM

One of my friend go to Plzen, Czech Rep. for biz trip, and he visited Praha(Prague) while holiday on 6th Nov. 2006. It is not easy to get the machine, spend too many hours.
He bought one complete set of ATM for me, but regret the machine have something wrong, can not produce receipts. Here we can get value 7.5, 9, 10, 11, 12, 15, 18, 19, 20, 22, 24, 25, 28, 32 kc.

Thanks Ken

Current Taiwan Machine

There are more than 100 ATM machines in all Taiwan. They are Nagler, VarisoSyst503, VarioSyst503A. For VarioSyst503, there print machine(001--030); for VarioSyst503A, there print machine number(031--075) on the top right too.
Today, customers can get any value from 1 to 99 NT$ from Nagler, and from 5 to 99 NT$ from VarioSyst503 and VarioSyst503A. In the before, there is possible to get 1, 2, 3, 4 NT$ from the two machine with numbers.
From the photoes, we can find the VarioSyst503 and 503A have the same front bezel almost, only the indicators' position are different.

Thanks Ronnie

Friday, November 10, 2006

Taiwan: First Green Bear in VarioSyst503

26th August 2006 Kaohsiong Post Office applied 3 ATM machines to use Green ribbon on black bear ATM paper. It is for 'Kaohsiong Philately Association 50 anniversaries stamps exhibition'. The 3 units are 033, 036, and 026. 026 is VarioSyst503, and 033, 036 are VarioSyst503A.
For VarioSyst503 it is first time using green ribbon on black bear ATM. Regarding VarioSyst503A, the first 'green bear' is 036, 41, 45 for 'Rocupex'05 Kaohsiong' on 7th - 11th Oct. 2005.

Chungli Stamp Exhibition of New Year

Chungli Post Office hold the New Year Stamp Exhibition at SOGO department store, and the administrator setup two units of VarioSyst503A on the show place. And the color are Blue and Red for both two machines, paper are black bear. So we can get two colors, two different machine numbers ATM. The operation period is from 30th Dec. 2005 to 5th Jan. 2006. The machine number is 057 and 058.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

From STAMPIT to WebStamp - Swizterland

In the summer 2002, Swiss Post got 30 together with 30 Business and Private customers to test the 'stampit' PC franking software for generating postage-paid symbols from the Internet.
This new franking software is part of the electronic postal indicia systems family. 'Stampit' makes it possible to print a digital postage-paid symbol as a forgery-proof DataMatrix code straight onto letters, envelopes and labels and is particularly suitable for businesses and associations that regularly send out fairly large quantities of letters.
This image is empty envelope test used.

Two years later, on 15th Feb. 2005, Swiss introduced the new franking way named WebStamp. The images are the FDCs made by Swiss Philately Service.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Taiwan Blue Bear

Taichung PO implement Blue Print on ATM of Black Bear on 3th November 2006. The machine they used is Nagler 714, only half day opened. This Blue issue is for ceremony of Taiwan Native Flowers stamps issue.
One of best friend visit the field and make some FDCs for me, and mint labels, and MAX cards. We can see that day is rainning, seems like water washed the black hair of bear, appear its native hair color -- Blue. :-)

Thanks KHan

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Delicious Macau

In my image, Macau is more traditional than HK. But there is more multi-color humans, and I feel Macau is far from Chinese more through walking on the land two days. Really I don't know how to picture this city. But I really got some friends there, they are warm, welcome, and very good. 11th October 2005, I stepped into this land, narrow street, old building with ancient cultures, strange languages(Portugal words). That day, all banks did not open, Yuk prepared heavy bag with many coins for me. Mr. Sousa guide me to many places with ATM machines position. There are 11 units, include N104, N714 and Klussendorf. The image have two, inlcude Lotus Bridge(2000 edition), Energy Saving. Well I visited almost all machines to get the 4 different ATMs(two different print, 2 images). At night we collectors take one dinner hosted by Mr. Sousa, very delicious Portugal food, we love it. Very deep impression trip to Macau, got so many friends ...
Thanks KHan, Sousa, Yuk, Ferris....

Hong Kong Travel

Last year I visited Hong Kong for getting ATMs, the day is 12th November, 2005. Before starting kick off, I got enough information from Hong Kong friend.
There are 3 units totally, and all can be operated.
The first station is N718, side by Wanchai Tower, inside Tax Building. This machine have big screen, can scale the letter to get right value, or select the value and quantity you want. The maxiumum is 99 pcs everytime. The biggest attraction for me is N718 can output receipt, I like to collect receipt of ATM also.
After a while, the machine don't work seems like because there is no receipt inside and I select to output receipt. Because at saturday this post office opened half day, the administrator power off the machine, had to wait for next week for repairing.
The second station is General Post Office, the type is N714. This kind machine simple, and have some default value to get, of couse we can the any value through 'print value in change'. The last machine located the Chian Sha Chui PO.

Hong Kong is real paradise of shopping, looks like China Town in western coutries showed on movie, many adv., cars, peoples, and noise.

Shared some pictures: street, China Army building, Art museum, Harbor, Fast food, old stamp machine.


Thanks Brother Chan


Saturday, November 04, 2006


Interesting Norge Post issue new ATM this year, the topic is BEAR too, same to current Taiwan ATM topic 'Black Bear'.

Customer can get the default value or value by weight of letter.


Thanks Sverre Shetelig


Denmark Franking Labels

Philate Service of Denmark issue new franking labels(adhesive) on 7th June 2006. From September 2006, Denamrk Post setup 5 that machines on inland. But the characters of post offices are different from Philately Service. Check the image, the above label from Philately Service, below from post office.

The another picture is brochure of the machine.
The machine accept credit card only. First ATM don't accept coins as I know.

Thanks Henrik

Rocupex 2006

Taiwan Post used CKS label to issue Rocupex 2006. The issue day is 4th Aug. 2006.
This FDC is printed black from VarioSyst503A. There should be black print from VarioSyst503, Nagler, even blue print from VarioSyst503A.

Poland ATM

Poland ATM cover. The height of label is 37mm, usually is 36mm. Posted on 21th June 2006.

Czech Rep. Nr. 1

Czech Rep. ATM with *, and without * mixed. Posted on Sep. 2006.

Local Label

Beijing postage label, sent on 29th Arpil 2004.

Apolo Temple

Greece ATM
toptic is Apolo Temple, posted on 20th Dec. 2004.


Finland ATM cover, very very goooooood cancels.
14th Jan. 2004

NewCaldonia new format

Since 4th Feb. 2003, there printed country name and machine number on the ATM. Before that, there is only value.
This registered letter posted on 26th Jan. 2004.

Slovakia 2nd edition

Slovakia 2nd edition of ATM, posted on 26th March 2004. The color of print was deep blue.

Hong Kong Special Label

For absence of 0,10$ stamps, Hong Kong Post issued special postage label on 10th 2002. Also it could be used on anywhere anytime, but there is no any end user to operate the machine for getting that, all from POST pre-printed.
The registered cover was posted on 6th Dec. 2003.

France Salon 2004

France LISA 2 machine stamps for SALON PHILIATELY - CLERMONT FERRAND 2004.