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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Logo history of France

The postal logo on France ATM changed several times since its first appearance on 'Dove' ATM on 25th Feb. 1985. The logo is simple dove marks, no any sepcial words. When it released 'comet' ATM on 7th July 1988, the logo was changed to complete type 'LA POSTE +dove'. This logo type runed many years till issue 'Salon Philatélique Nancy 2001' on 23th March 2001. It add a rectange pane to surround the 'old' logo.
From this year(2006), the first issue 'DIJON 2006', the logo became more art, there is one circle shap surround the 'dove mark'. And the next 5th issue of this year, 'NEVERS 2006', there is yellow background inside the circle, more vivid I think.
But for the definitive ATM 'paper airplanes' issued on 3th July 2000, only print letters 'LA POSTE' on the paper, today is still circulated.
For this article, I checked my ablums detailed. Then I found one interesting variable on 'comet' ATM paper, see below. There is blue big DOT(white edge) located on the right of logo, and even cover part of it. I got this from eBay several (months or years) ago, and don't know/remember the description of vendor. Let me know the story if you know please.

This ATM was from C001.75500

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