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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Denmark Franking Labels

Philate Service of Denmark issue new franking labels(adhesive) on 7th June 2006. From September 2006, Denamrk Post setup 5 that machines on inland. But the characters of post offices are different from Philately Service. Check the image, the above label from Philately Service, below from post office.

The another picture is brochure of the machine.
The machine accept credit card only. First ATM don't accept coins as I know.

Thanks Henrik


Anonymous said...

Dear Han Shuang,
I just saw your blog. You did a very nice job. Well done!

As for "purchases of ATM by credit/debit card only", the USA was the first country:
APC 1st generation: since 01/04/2000
APC 2nd generation: since 04/2004
Neopostage: since 2001-2002
As you might know, the "Michel ATM world catalogue" does not list them as ATM due to the indicia having information about the customer. ATM have to be "anonymous" to be listed in this catalogue. I personally do not agree with the author's view.

Pilot Rock said...

Thank you, KHFR.