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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Hong Kong Travel

Last year I visited Hong Kong for getting ATMs, the day is 12th November, 2005. Before starting kick off, I got enough information from Hong Kong friend.
There are 3 units totally, and all can be operated.
The first station is N718, side by Wanchai Tower, inside Tax Building. This machine have big screen, can scale the letter to get right value, or select the value and quantity you want. The maxiumum is 99 pcs everytime. The biggest attraction for me is N718 can output receipt, I like to collect receipt of ATM also.
After a while, the machine don't work seems like because there is no receipt inside and I select to output receipt. Because at saturday this post office opened half day, the administrator power off the machine, had to wait for next week for repairing.
The second station is General Post Office, the type is N714. This kind machine simple, and have some default value to get, of couse we can the any value through 'print value in change'. The last machine located the Chian Sha Chui PO.

Hong Kong is real paradise of shopping, looks like China Town in western coutries showed on movie, many adv., cars, peoples, and noise.

Shared some pictures: street, China Army building, Art museum, Harbor, Fast food, old stamp machine.


Thanks Brother Chan


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