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Hello, all collectors from world wide. Welcome to my mini-world of ATMs. Inside this site, you can find some ATM used covers and ATM stamps that I collected, even some articles I studied. Surely not all the articles are correct, that I hope you feedback your rich knowledge to correct my words. Belive this field will benefit all explorers, and attract more friend into ATM world.
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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Taiwan Rocupex 2007 R-letter

R-letter posted on 17th Oct. 2007 with ATM number 077, 081.

Greece Amiel

Greece Amiel ATM posted on 5th Oct. 2007.
Thanks Guenther

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Denmrk Ship Max - no bridge

Denmark Franking label + First Day cancel + China post card
The label's topic is bridges, but the bridge card is hard to get.

Taiwan - Crane in Gen. 5th

On 3th Oct. the Yushan post office(Nr. 087) installed the inventory roll -- Kaohsiong 2005 ATM on the Generation 5th machine.
Second day, it was phase out by collectors, and the post office change to Cranes ATMs.

Rocupex 2007 R-letter

Taiwan Rocupex 2007 ATM R-letter posted on 11th Oct. 2007, black print.

Greece Boat Frama

Registered Letter was posted on 8th Oct. 2007, from Kreta, the value of ATM is 3,17 Euros.
Thanks Geunther

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Denmark Franking label - Strip height

Above picture include the 2006(left) and 2007(right) issues of franking label. The height of every label is same, but the mount(yellow paper) of 2007 issues is lower than 2006, that means the distance between every label becames small.
Not sure if it need to adjust the programme for this roll change.

Denmark Franking label - little variable

Franking labels were from Philiate Service, the first of every trip have a little bit variable to the serial number. Please check the left one, it bottome of serial number was pressed. Right one is normal.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Yin Ruins - No Mercy

On the ground, the square buried heads, rectangles buried bodies. They all killed for fete everyday.
On the undergound, the small tome/pit are buried with dead, only bones left. Since the late of Yin dynasty, the tome was stolen many times.
The tomb is the buring the Yin dynasty King ShangWu. There is one rare vessel 'SiMuWu' was left because its heavy, not easy to carry.

The biggest pit which stored oracles. Oracles records forecast and history.
Fete pits with human beings and animals.

There are many many rare stuffs(bronz, jade, human being, animal, shell(money)) in the tomb of Fuhao. She is the brave general, and wife of King ShangWu. She is the first female woman in history.

Human Beings, cut off the head, and cook it by vessel. It is one important way to fete.

At Yin Dynasty, they use young peoples for fete, every time killed some youngers, even killed more than 1000 peoples on time. Every day, the koradji run the fete.

Many many stuffs from the ruins of Yin, stored in Meseum.

Bronz for tools, weapons, and decations.

Jades for decoration.

Oracles from Turtle's shell(abdomen only), bones of Animals, Human Beings.

Ruins of China - Handan Stone Dragon

King Dragon, 6 meters high, most of its body still in the mountains.

Head of King Dragon

Children dragons located on the left of King. Children Dragon was on the left of King, its named BI Qiu. Everyone want to be rich will love it.

Children Dragon, on the right of King.

Children Dragons were on the right of King.

The stone dragons were located on the north west of Handan city, the head of King Dragon point to tomb of King Zhao.
The King Dragon have 369 meters long, most of its body was covered by mountains, another 9 small dragons have about 200 meters long.

They were found by local farmers on 1989 when they dig earth. Just start to open this 1st May.

About the ancient dragons, no more studies except its materials. Sounds like the there is no same stone materials around the dragons. The first dragon was found is not the King, it is small one. After take more earth, cut off the top of mountains, here found all 10 dragons.

China have one proverb, 'King Dragon have 9 children, every children are difference'. These dragons block are just compliance with the words.

It is miracle of China.

PS. On GoogleEarth, there is one photo of earlier stone dragons which did not open, its coordinations N 36/43/27, E 114/22/13

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Taiwan Rocupex 2007

On 21th Sep. 2007, Taiwan issued overprint ATM base on current black bear for Rocupex 2007. Established four machines on the exhibition hall, number are 077(black), 081(black), 082(red), 088(red).
After the rose red ribbon was finished, the post office used the backup pink red ribbon by vendor. Please refer to link http://chch.idv.tw/phpwind/read-htm-tid-7873.html

Netherland - Update programme for PK000002 Season 2

Addtion information to Hemestede machines.

On 4th Jan 2007, the PK000002 was out of order.

On 27th Feb 2007, the PK000001 was out of order.

Perhaps veveral months later(ealist date knowned 2th April), PK000002 can be operated again. Till 1st June, PK000001 was still not operated. Don't know when PK000001 start to open.

After the machines opened again, its receipt have some changes.

1, Removed the useless ö-sign

2, Closing time of Saturday from 14:00 to 13:30

3, The word postkantoor is not printed in the upper left corner anymore, but in the upper centre


Source and Thanks Hens. A. Wolf


Netherland - Update programme for PK000002

Recently the programme of PK000002 was updated, had gave us several main changes:

1, multiple purchases was allowed in one transaction;

2, the position of value moved to more left than before, that means the gap get bigger between value and machine number. See above picture, left is old programme, right is the updated;

3, new function to get value of 'Bijfrankeren' directly. Since 2th Jan 2007, the domestic rate was changed from 0,39 to 0,44. For those peoples have stamps with value 0,39 euros, they can get 'additional value' 0,05 euro to match the new rate. Base on the receipt of new programme, you can see word 'Bijfrankeren'. Below receipt please check, left is old one, right is new.

Check the receipts, there are more deviation from last programme.

1, Program error, that make the number of Hemestede from 2101 to 2121. The new programme was still in test, not correction.

2, The word 'postkantoor' (means post office) was moved from center to top left, and the letter was smaller. This position change included other words, address, number, date, time, working time.

3, The gap of all characters was smaller than before.

4, Maybe above two changes made the Euro value of BTW did not align.

5, For the saturday, it did not use abbreviation Za, it imprint full text zaterdag.

6, For the date, it used year 07, not 2007.

7, Change the first letter of 'Ma t/m vr' from upper to lower.

For PK000001, it still used old programme. Maybe it will updated also after the new programme was approved by customers, of course it must correct the errors.

The pakcage label was updated also according to the new programme, see below.

1, It correct the machine number, remove one zero from six to five.

2, Remove text PK.


Source from Mr. Hens. A. Wolf