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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Ruins of China - Handan Stone Dragon

King Dragon, 6 meters high, most of its body still in the mountains.

Head of King Dragon

Children dragons located on the left of King. Children Dragon was on the left of King, its named BI Qiu. Everyone want to be rich will love it.

Children Dragon, on the right of King.

Children Dragons were on the right of King.

The stone dragons were located on the north west of Handan city, the head of King Dragon point to tomb of King Zhao.
The King Dragon have 369 meters long, most of its body was covered by mountains, another 9 small dragons have about 200 meters long.

They were found by local farmers on 1989 when they dig earth. Just start to open this 1st May.

About the ancient dragons, no more studies except its materials. Sounds like the there is no same stone materials around the dragons. The first dragon was found is not the King, it is small one. After take more earth, cut off the top of mountains, here found all 10 dragons.

China have one proverb, 'King Dragon have 9 children, every children are difference'. These dragons block are just compliance with the words.

It is miracle of China.

PS. On GoogleEarth, there is one photo of earlier stone dragons which did not open, its coordinations N 36/43/27, E 114/22/13

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