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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Yin Ruins - No Mercy

On the ground, the square buried heads, rectangles buried bodies. They all killed for fete everyday.
On the undergound, the small tome/pit are buried with dead, only bones left. Since the late of Yin dynasty, the tome was stolen many times.
The tomb is the buring the Yin dynasty King ShangWu. There is one rare vessel 'SiMuWu' was left because its heavy, not easy to carry.

The biggest pit which stored oracles. Oracles records forecast and history.
Fete pits with human beings and animals.

There are many many rare stuffs(bronz, jade, human being, animal, shell(money)) in the tomb of Fuhao. She is the brave general, and wife of King ShangWu. She is the first female woman in history.

Human Beings, cut off the head, and cook it by vessel. It is one important way to fete.

At Yin Dynasty, they use young peoples for fete, every time killed some youngers, even killed more than 1000 peoples on time. Every day, the koradji run the fete.

Many many stuffs from the ruins of Yin, stored in Meseum.

Bronz for tools, weapons, and decations.

Jades for decoration.

Oracles from Turtle's shell(abdomen only), bones of Animals, Human Beings.

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