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Saturday, June 03, 2017

Maple Returns

 Canada Post restart to issue ATM on end of 2016, since it phased out its first ATM in 2012.


The new issue have 5 motif self adhesive labels,coming from the collection of Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, they are Emily Carr’s 1912 Indian War Canoe on Alert Bay; James Edward Hervey MacDonald’s 1928 The Front of Winter; Tom Thomson’s 1915 In the Northland; Albert Henry Robinson’s 1923 Winter, Baie-Saint-Paul; and Arthur Lismer’s 1930 Little Haven, a scene from Nova Scotia.
Printed by Canadian company named Lowe Martin.
On the left side it is grid pattern, and light pink phosphor strip on the right side. In the middle, it is paint artist.

   ’Permanent' - domestic basic
   $1.20’—air mail to US
   $1.80’—domestic oversize letter
   $2.50’—rest of world

The value Permanent have two versions printing regarding the distance to the serial number.

Sometime, printing content will shift upper 1mm, most like happens on the 4th label, and one postage value will shorter than others, for example Permanent

Customers must use debt card or credit card to buy it from the machine, who must buy 5 label each time or 5x, the every 5 label is the same postage value with different motifs, and machine will cut off every 5 labels. 

The SN is 18 bits for the first issue, since 26th Nov. changed to 14 bits.

Receipt Below
The printing time on receipt is second:minute, non sense.
Usually the 3th strip will be printed time later 1 second than before, that means the time of stamp SN is different from the time on receipt.
It charged PST before 15th Dec. Because of wrong program setting. 

This machine is the same Post & Go with machines at GB, JERSEY, HOLLAND. Please refer to the test label, same printer vendor to GB, CUSTOM.biz. Initially it installed two machines at Vancouver concept post office (code: 105341), on Dec. It installs one machine each on Richmond (104965) and Edmonton (105260) post office.

Inquired Jim Philips, director of Canada Philately Service, the machines were installed on Vancouver concept post office at 31th Oct., there are customers to buy the stamps from the machine on that day. Unfortunately the first day issue is not showing on Internet.

Till to 22th Nov., this post office got a opening ceremony event , some key man delivered opening speech. And there is stamp collectors visited and operated it. That is the earliest example of ATM showing on eBay. But it is interesting official department claims there is around 10K pieces sold before opening ceremony day.

Another variable error is short number 11 on the bottom left, only happens on first version before 26th Nov. 

From Jan. 2017, Canada Post Website starts to sell the FDC and set, only value Permanent is available.
The SN is 14bits, showing the issue day is 31th Oct., all have the SN.

The good news is there will be 5 machines deploying in 2017, let us wait and see any more fun.

Thanks Leung!