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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Netherland - Update programme for PK000002

Recently the programme of PK000002 was updated, had gave us several main changes:

1, multiple purchases was allowed in one transaction;

2, the position of value moved to more left than before, that means the gap get bigger between value and machine number. See above picture, left is old programme, right is the updated;

3, new function to get value of 'Bijfrankeren' directly. Since 2th Jan 2007, the domestic rate was changed from 0,39 to 0,44. For those peoples have stamps with value 0,39 euros, they can get 'additional value' 0,05 euro to match the new rate. Base on the receipt of new programme, you can see word 'Bijfrankeren'. Below receipt please check, left is old one, right is new.

Check the receipts, there are more deviation from last programme.

1, Program error, that make the number of Hemestede from 2101 to 2121. The new programme was still in test, not correction.

2, The word 'postkantoor' (means post office) was moved from center to top left, and the letter was smaller. This position change included other words, address, number, date, time, working time.

3, The gap of all characters was smaller than before.

4, Maybe above two changes made the Euro value of BTW did not align.

5, For the saturday, it did not use abbreviation Za, it imprint full text zaterdag.

6, For the date, it used year 07, not 2007.

7, Change the first letter of 'Ma t/m vr' from upper to lower.

For PK000001, it still used old programme. Maybe it will updated also after the new programme was approved by customers, of course it must correct the errors.

The pakcage label was updated also according to the new programme, see below.

1, It correct the machine number, remove one zero from six to five.

2, Remove text PK.


Source from Mr. Hens. A. Wolf



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