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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Lucky Suisse

Usually talking about the lucky events on ATM we means get special ATM, various wrong… For example uncut, transport hole shift, double print…even wrong color. But this time for me, it is only ordinary ATM. How did say luck, see below contents.
Good fall I have opportunity to visit Switzerland with tour group. Our original route is travel Milan to Interlaken, then Geneva (live at Vevey). But the good tour guide made the dinner at Lucerne, that we have opportunity stay at Lucerne for two hours. When we had the dinner at Lucerne, I still have half an hour to deal my bobby and half an hour to take photos and sightseeing. At the park, also end of bridge I found one Frama machine located at the bus station. I studied it in one minute, then got known how to use the machine.
Frama can not get out changes, and only accept coins.
1, Insert coins, the screen will show total amount you input;
2, Select piece value you want, minimum is 00,05 Francs;
3, press #, the machine will output one ATM, press # again, output one again till there is not enough money inside.
If there is not enough money inside, the screen will flash. Or if value you input is not integrate times of 00,05, then the screen will also flash too.
Press *, the screen will display the balance inside.

Blur so much, back to topic. I got some ATMs from the FRAMA at Lucerne, the image are Switzerland flags.

When I arrived at Interlaken from Lucerne, the day was dark. Walked 3 minutes from hotel, I reached the post office. Outside the office, there is one Frama. Surprise here I got ‘Transport’ topic ATMs. I supposed this topic had phase out already because Die Post (Switzerland Post) issued new ATM (flags) this year. Maybe for resource saving they did not remove stock of old paper. I really feel lucky still can get last issue of ATMs. Because there is another post office 8 minutes from here, I try to get it. There is one Frama outside the office too, but it output different image, it is number 5.3, map of Switzerland. Second afternoon, I found one small post office, at the foot of Jungfraujoch, above step of rail way station. It is also 5.3 ATM.

Really I am happy getting 3 different issues from 4 post offices. At Geneva I stayed less than 2 hours, almost not time to looking for post office. At night we lived Vevey, after walked out the hotel I found one Frama on the gate of rail way station. This time I am a little disappointed because it is still map topic, number 5 at catalogue. Walked to brighter way, I got one very big post office, there is one Frama also surely outside. It is transport, I like this topic. Spend out all my Francs (around 7.00 Fr) to buy this topic ATMs. Feeling is good.

When I am back to hotel, at the bright light, I found the map ATM from Vevey is different from Interlaken. There is no color fibre on the back of stamp from Vevey. Should be number 5.2 or 5.1. Regret I only bought 10 pcs because I don’t like the image that time.

Vevey is our last station in Switzerland, then took all my ATMs to France, of course I got two different ATMs at Paris.

6 machines, 4 different issues. How can you say I am not lucky? Of course there is suspend story because there are two Frama machines I did not try. One located on lake bank of Lucerne, I took photos only. Another located on the outside of post office on another end of bridge at Lucerne I mentioned.

In Switzerland the Frama is popular really, many people used it, especially on the time of post closed.

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