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Sunday, December 03, 2006

China - Self-Service Post

This is my 4th time to visit this post office (POST AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS OFFICE OF THE NEW CENTURY), and dedicate to buy postage label and take some photoes for my blog. Just remembered last time I visited is on this Feb.
Same to last time, the machine still don't work, the administrator said there is one spare part shortage, can play adv. only. Except some photoes of machine, I got nothing. And the administrator say she don't know when the machine can work...Maybe it will be sleep forever.

In my second time of visiting(17th Sep. 2005), after bought some labels, the machine don't work again. Even administrator adjust the printer, it is still can not output labels. That time, when the administrator open the trunk, I have opportunity to look at the secret. There are two independt printers, one is EPSON jet-ink for postage label, another is stylus-printer for receipt. Surely there is one computer runs Windows 98 or 95 to processing all operations.
From my first and second time, I got some '3rd issue' of postage paper, see belows. On the label, there are value, weight of letter, destination(in-city, out city, HK-MC-TW, AP, Overseas), letter type(postcard, snail, air, surface, SAL, register...). If it is registered letter, there is number of letter(see first row, left is receipt of registered letter: 0045, right is the postage label of the R-letter), date, and post office of the machine located.

The second issue of postage label have a little different from 3rd. There is no post office name, is time of printing, see below covers.

How to use the postage labels?
There are two ports on the label, left is postage label with above information, right is the instruction you could throw away. The means of text on right area 'Please stick left label on the front side of cover, it is invalide if removed of the label from cover'. So first, you can remove the postage label(two ports are self adhesive) and stick on the cover. When post man open box finding the letter, he will stick stamps with same value on the cover, and cancel the stamps. I think it is very low efficiecy to complete that job, from buying postage label to post the letter. Every one need more times to do that.
At my first time I bought only two labels with spending more than 30 minutes, include the machine almost reject the 10 cents, 50 cents coins oftenly. Only 1 Yuan and banknotes(5 Yuan, 10 Yuan) is more acceptable than low value coins.
At second time, I send 3 letters to my address, but they have never ever arrived, lost.
As I know there are more units, two located at Beijing, another located at Fuzhou city. Above covers are from Fuzhou. I had tried to visit another machine in Beijing, but the guard of the building prevent me because only the employee of the building can enter into the building. Faint!
Maybe next spring I will visit the machine again, hope the machine will be operated.
There are so long way to walk for produce auto post machine for China, even some peoples like me think it is easy to develop that kind machines. I have confidence if the working would do by private company in south of China.

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