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Friday, December 29, 2006

France - New Receipt

Recently, France introduced new receipt for LISA-2 machine. There is LA POSTE logo on the right side of receipt. And color is blue.
The width of receipt is 60mm, othere regular receipts are 57mm. After checking my album, below receipts are 60mm width also.
DJION 2006, NEVERS 2006, 03/07/2001 EUR+FRF, AIX-EN-PROVENCE 2005, ANGERS 2004. The Polynesia France is 60 mm too.
Seems like all these are from Philately Service, that be one new sign for 'anti-forge' . But I found two receipt are 57mm also from AIX-EN-PROVENCE 2005. Is it forgery or after the original rolls sold out, the philate service operator changed new roll with 57mm width label. :-)

Leave more information or correct me if you have.
Thanks Pierre

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by Pierre said...

The IER yellow post logo receipts are existing since September 2001 (In FRF, before Euro era). Only found in the IER machine of Nanterre GPO (Nanterre RP (Recette Principale)) and in an IER machine in a Supermarket Leclerc in Nanterre (Nanterre RP is the provider)