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Hello, all collectors from world wide. Welcome to my mini-world of ATMs. Inside this site, you can find some ATM used covers and ATM stamps that I collected, even some articles I studied. Surely not all the articles are correct, that I hope you feedback your rich knowledge to correct my words. Belive this field will benefit all explorers, and attract more friend into ATM world.
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Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Front Cover

Rear Cover


This is 2nd edition of 'AUTOMATION PHILATELY RESEARCH', published on Nov. 2004.There are different automation philatelic albums in thie edition almost all. Here is the catalogue of album

-China ATM

-First ATM in China

-China ATM 1999-2001 (1 frame)

-China ATM Preview

-China ATM 1999-2001 (3 frames)

-Hong Kong ATM

-Taiwan ATM: Nr. 1, 2, 3

-Taiwan ATM: Nr. 3, 4

-Research of Volume Postage Label

-Volume Postage Label

-Postage marked label in Beijing

-PC Letters

-Beijing Self-service Post Machine label(1999-2004)

-Current postage meters in Shanghai

-Current postage meters

-Postmark with waves(1992-2004)

-New Technologies in Postage Mark

-Hong Kong temporary postage label 2002

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