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Friday, December 08, 2006

MACAU - Re-print the ATM (2)

In my previous article I mentioned on 1st Dec. 2006, Macau Post issue new ATM. Using current 'Energy Saving' ATM design to re-imprint. Above cover is FDC to China mainland, still supposed the postage is 2.50$, so asked friend to stick that postage. Actually it should be 3.50$ since starting of this year, postman leave one 'postage due' mark (T 1.00/3.50) on the letter, and here rectange mark means should pay 1.10$ for postage, 3$ for handling fees. But here in China I have ever never seen any one got charged for 'postage due'. Perhaps only Singapore still do the rule strictly. Maybe Macua did it also.

Above image is look-up of old ATM and new ATM, the deviation words is RED marked by me.
Below the 'Lotus Bridge' ATM, edition 99 and edition 2000. On edition 2000, it removed text INCM.

To be continued.....


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