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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

What is the ATM ?

ATM here we mentioned is not 'auto teller machine', it is German language 'automatenmarken', means automatic stamps. Peoples buy stamps from the vendor machine, and the value of stamps was printed by the machine onsite in time, not pre-print.
Some area and peoples called it 'postage labels', 'franking labels', 'vendor machine label', 'frama', 'd'affranchissement'. Actually the word 'frama' is the company name that produced many many automatic stamps machine for all the world.
Base on the definition of ATM by UPU, the stamps should be used on any where, any time inland, and the value must be printed on site by the machine under the user's request. Usually there should not print date on the labels, but some countries had that. For example Poland, Spain. But this did not affect the use of the labels.
Today, many countries had issued the ATM, from France, Nofolk Island, China... to Bolivian, Morocco. Base on the reason of machine maintain, useness effect, some countries stop the machine, i.e. China, UAB, Pitcaine, Australia.. Some countries re-buy new machine to issue ATM, for example Austria.

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