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Monday, December 03, 2012

Special Error from UK

All the fonts should be small on the Machin faststamp from machine at Bristol. But the words 'Up to 10g' is still large font, very interesting errors, how the program make it.
Another error is serial number, there is big gap between  first 6 digits and the 7th.

As we know the large font was end of life since the first animal issued on 2010. But sometimes, collectors still can get large font on faststamps. Obviosly the serial number had overlay, on postage rate 'Worldwide Up to 10g' it missing 'Up to 10g'. The another interesting error is label 'Worldwide Up to 40g', the text 'Up to 40g' is small font, different from others. When Royal Mail initiate the Post & Go service several years ago, there is no rate 'Worldwide Up to 40g', so if customer want to get this rate and in chance system loads large fonts, it can print small fonts for this type.

Union Flag had the same erros as Machin.

Pig and Cattle issues used wrong font, it is large type, should be small. And overlay serial number.

This Cattle(Highland) issue have same errors as above Pig, and more it missing text 'Up to 10g' under 'Worldwide'.

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