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Friday, November 28, 2008

DK new 'machine'

On 7th Nov. Denmark issued unique franking label for stamp fair on Fredereicia 2008. This time, it used new 'machine'. Check below image,
We can the font is different from ATM from post office(Bridge serials), it is smaller. At the traditional bridges from Philately Service, it is more higher than from post office.
After compare the issue from Faroe Island, it is same likely.
Traditional serial number of DK ATM have no 'lower case letter', but the Frederecia issue has, and on the last bit of serial number, traditional ATM is 0..9 and A..Z, but the Frederecia issue has 'a..z' include above.
So conclusion are
1) Frederecia issue involve lower case letter on serial number
2) Fredereica issue introduce 'a..z' on last bit of serial number
3) Fredereica issue have new font than old issues
After inqurie Philately Service of DK, they would not install 'Bridge II' rolls on the new machine before the Frederecia label phase out.
The post card of Frederecia issue.
Thanks Henrik

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