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Monday, May 15, 2017

Return of Tulips

On early of this Jan. Nederland Post returned its automation of post service thru adapting same hytech machine like GB operated today.
The main difference is Holland used vertical alignment SN, while GB used horizontal.

 There are two motifs, blue butterfly and tulip which I liked mostly.

The country name is printed in the middle: NEDERLAND
Letter type : 1, is the only available, including domestic and 'INTERNATIONAL'

SN, For example : C3NL17NL03-0857-002
===C: roll C
===3: printed on March
===NL: Nederland
===17: printed on 2017
===NL03: machine number
===0857: session number
===002: sequence number

Extra text for event, for example : Den Haag

 It is interesting the mark 'PRIORITY' is on 'tulip' only.

 Above is receipt of purchase.

First day cover issued for Hilversum 2017 on 28/01/2017

Thanks Wolf!

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