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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Nordia 2012

Like year 2009, 2010, this stamp fair was took place still at Roskilde during Nov. 2th - 4th. There are two special ATM issues to ceremony the event.
First issued on Oct. 15th, only available at two post offices in Roskilde. The minimum value is DKK 0.25 at post office Industrivej 28, the minimum value is DKK 8.00 in another post office at  Jernbanegade 3A.
This label is only on sale at both post offices from Oct. 15th until Nov. 5th.
The DKK 8.00 label is also available at the stamp fair, Nov. 2th - 4th. Collectors can not order this issue from Philately Service, visiting Roskilde is the only way.

The second issued on Nov. 2th, there are three labels, available on the stamps fair starting at DKK 6.00. Customer can order from Philately Service for multi-pack with 3 labels, value DKK 6.00, 8.00, 12.00.

Both of above issues, also including 2009 Roskilde used the same Cathedral, should be very famous I supposed.

There is lowercase in the serial number of second issue, that is the character on some special ATM in past years, guess they are comming from the same machine.

Thanks Henrik!

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Halim Shahirasul said...


I also have a set of this, NORDIA 2012.

Mistakenly sold by Post Danmark.

You can see my photo here: