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Hello, all collectors from world wide. Welcome to my mini-world of ATMs. Inside this site, you can find some ATM used covers and ATM stamps that I collected, even some articles I studied. Surely not all the articles are correct, that I hope you feedback your rich knowledge to correct my words. Belive this field will benefit all explorers, and attract more friend into ATM world.
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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Valcano & Gergovie plateau

 Volcanos Auvergne

The Gergovie plateau is a plateau of the Massif Central located 10km to the south of Clermont-FerrandPuy-de-Dôme,AuvergneFrance and is named after the nearby village of Gergovie. It is the official (but disputed) site of the Battle of Gergovia between Vercingetorix and Julius Caesar in 52 BC.

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